“Earlier, children would not even get out of the class because all we had was a small patch of barren land within the campus for them to play. We were not able to gather funds to buy play fixtures. In 2017, People4People installed several play equipments like see-saw, swing, and slide. Ever since, I have seen a lot of excitement and joy on the faces of the children,”

Mr Vishu Kumar, Headmaster, Government Higher Primary School at Bekkare, Mysuru.

“I am seeing an increase in school admissions after People4People made it possible for them to build a playground in 2016. The number of children who approached the school for admission went up by 17 percent. This can be attributed to the school having a play area with all kinds of equipment. I am very thankful to People4People for making this possible,”

- Ms Prema Kumari, Headmistress, Government Lower Primary School at Nandagudi in Hosakote, Bengaluru (R).