About People4People

People4people (P4P) is a trust fund set up in 2004 in Bangalore with an aim to make the world around it, especially for children, a little happier.

Right from preschool all the way through the end of high school, a playground is one place where children yearn to spend a major chunk of their time. Going out and playing is not only a fun activity but helps improve reflexes and eye-hand coordination. Equipment like swings, slides, and climbers encourage children to develop their balance, speed as well as agility. However, according to a report published by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in 2016, four out of every 10 schools in India do not have a playground. This shows that children are deprived of basic infrastructure in schools, affecting their playtime, and do not get an opportunity to improve their cognitive, social, and motor skills.

Several government schools in India have a lot of unused land, but no resources to construct playgrounds. People4People was started with a mission to fill this gap. It started the initiative of sponsoring play equipment to these schools in 2007, and since then we it has covered over 530 campuses till July 2021. The excitement of the children when they see colourful play equipment in their school is indescribable.

Apart from playgrounds, P4P has now extended into children’s health by supporting a free clinic at RxDx Healthcare and working with children with heart disease.

People4people runs on contributions from its trustees as well as benefactors. Since all the people involved in running it are volunteers, its administrative costs are virtually zero and all funding received goes directly into its activities.


Presently, P4P is completely volunteer driven. About 10 employees of Telerad Group companies donate their professional and personal time and expertise to conceptualize, plan, develop, execute and monitor its project.


In the last 3 financial years, on an average, P4P has received Rs 25 lakhs annually through contributions from its group companies and other institutional and individual donors.

Process of identifying beneficiary schools

The main parametres are:
  • Genuine need for play equipment in the school and lack of internal resource to fulfil that need;
  • Commitment of the school to provide fun-filled environment for the kids;
  • Commitment of the school to maintain the play equipment;
  • For operational and monitoring reasons, we identify and select schools in and around Bengaluru and nearby districts. However, in the recent past, we have installed play equipment in Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Telangana. So, geography is not a very strict criterion.
  • After we receive requests from schools for play equipment, our team visits the school for on-ground assessment to validate the needs. Wherever, it is not possible for field visit, we rely on local NGO partner’s assessment.

Procurement of Playground Equipment

Playground equipment vendors are selected based on technical and financial evaluation of their product, their track record, costs and ability to undertake the entire responsibility from design through completion and commissioning.

Contact us for setting up playground in your school Whether you are a headmaster / headmistress, or a teacher or even a member of the parent teacher association or a local civil society/ NGO leader, or someone who studied in one of those schools which still doesn’t have playground equipment, you may approach P4P with your request to set up one. Please Contact Us by fill and submitting the Form to enable us to reach out to you.