People4People is involved in two major activities. Donating playground equipments and helping kids with heart disease.

People4People aims to put up playgrounds for use by children from poorer localities. Thus far the Trust has put up more than 478 playgrounds in government schools. The trust fund People4people believes that the fundamental right of each child is uninhibited playtime!
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Hands On Heart aims to be a resource for parents of children with heart disease in terms of second opinions and directing them to appropriate cardiac care in India; a portal for e-teaching for fellows training in Pediatric Cardiology and for Pediatricians; a second opinion on complex echoes viewed via TeleEcho; a public interest campaigner on issues related to heart disease in children.

The benefit of TeleEcho is that echoes done at a center can be reviewed by someone experienced in pediatric echoes. TeleEcho is a way to get high quality diagnoses to centers around the globe.

If you have a child with heart disease who needs an interventional catheterization procedure or open heart surgery it can be a daunting task to know where to go or even, where to start looking. Heartstrings well qualified Pediatric Cardiologists can help you with your decision by givng a second opinion on complex echoes viewed via TeleEcho.

Pediatric Cardiology and cardiac surgery: Want an opinion on a center or doctor or don't know where to go? contact [email protected]