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Heart Strings

With a birth rate of 22/1000, a population of 1 billion plus and an incidence of heart disease of 1%, the estimated number of children born with heart disease every year in India is 220000. However the real number is possibly much higher due to consanguinity, lack of awareness of the need for preconceptual folic acid etc.

The problem: Large numbers of children with heart disease. A paucity of doctors trained in diagnosing, treating and counseling these children and families. Families uncertain about where to seek treatment, inability of many families to afford treatment.

Heart strings aims to be a resource for parents of children with heart disease in terms of second opinions and directing them to appropriate cardiac care in India; a portal for e-teaching for fellows training in Pediatric Cardiology and for Pediatricians; a second opinion on complex echoes viewed via TeleEcho; a public interest campaigner on issues related to heart disease in children.

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